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CoolIT (Aquired)
CoolIT Systems Inc. is the global leader in Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC™) for the Data Center and Desktop markets. As an experienced innovator with 44 patents and more than 1.75 million liquid cooling units deployed, CoolIT brings a wealth of design, engineering, and manufacturing knowledge to the table.
DisperSol (Aquired)
DisperSol Technologies is a pharmaceutical company specializing in enhancing the delivery of small drug molecules.
Flyby Media (Acquired by Apple)
Flyby creates products that seamlessly link digital media with the world around us. Apps that add another dimension of context to physical things and places, when we care the most.
geoiQ (Acquired by ESRI)
GeoIQ enables enterprises, marketers, retailers and public sector organizations to fuse together massive amounts of information from numerous data sources, analyze it using location as the common pivot point and clearly identify trends and opportunities to drive better business decisions.
IntegriCo Composites (Aquired)
IntegriCo's proprietary equipment and process technology enable the production of advanced composite plastics from diverse raw materials, including component materials that could not be processed together using traditional techniques . The technology is being applied in the production of advanced industrial composite products from mixed waste/recycled plastics, and in the development of composite armor systems for the military.
Nextreme Thermal Solutions (Acquired by Laird PLC)
Nextreme designs and manufactures micro-scale thermal and power management products that overcome thermal and power constraints in electronics for the semiconductor, photonics, consumer, automotive and defense/aerospace industries. Nextreme's thermal copper pillar bump addresses the most challenging thermal and power management constraints in electronics today, and delivers the only fully-scalable technology solution by leveraging the existing, high-volume flip chip manufacturing infrastructure. Acquired by Laird PLC.
PacStar (Aquired)
Pacific Star Communications (PacStarTM) is a leading technology-based systems integrator providing total communications solutions that empower military, federal, state and local governments, and emergency responders with reliable, interoperable communications capabilities. Our patent-pending IQ-CoreTM software and hardware technology and integration/installation services provide secure, command control and communications systems particularly in remote or infrastructure-starved areas. In addition, PacStar provides a full range of communications solutions to commercial businesses, as well as telecommunications service providers.
RemoteReality (Aquired)
RemoteReality designs and manufactures next-generation intelligent-omni-video systems. RemoteReality's systems promise 360° real-time, continuous video with the ability to simultaneously detect and track multiple objects, in both visible and infrared thermal spectra. These systems reliably function in low-bandwidth network environments, are fully compatible with current object-recognition applications, have no moving parts and operate at maximum efficiency in just about any wireless communication network environment.
Twisted Pair Solutions (Acquired by Motorola Solutions)
Twisted Pair provides communications software solutions, enabling interoperability between disparate communication systems and networks. Acquired by Motorola Solutions.
WiSpry (Acquired by AAC Technologies)
As the pioneer in the field of tunable Radio Frequency (RF) technology, WiSpry develops revolutionary wireless architectures enabled by its cost-effective integration of tunable, software programmable RF front-end products for wireless applications.


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